KOICA to further support national agriculture in Azerbaijan - (+FOTO)

KOICA to further support national agriculture in Azerbaijan (+FOTO)

The Azerbaijani Government has determined the development of agriculture as a priority for ensuring the multi-vector aspect of the country’s economy, remove dependence of economy on oil and assure expansion of economic development to rural areas.Incentive measures are being taken in the country to improve the quality of products in the agricultural sector.Constantly, Azerbaijan seeks to achieve noticeable improvements in agriculture by implementing reforms in this sphere, as well as, cooperating with world’s developed countries which have an advanced economy.

Thus, Korean delegation,consisting of experts on agriculture technology transfer, value chain analysis and cooperative society sector led by Ms. Park Kumok, the Country Director of the Korea International Cooperation Agency Azerbaijan Office, paid a visit to Azerbaijan during August 5 – 23, 2019 to carry-out analysis on agricultural sector strategy, conduct research on current market situation and hold discussions with the relevant organizations in order to survey the demands on further cooperation possibilities in agricultural sector.

The expansion of agricultural cooperation was discussed at the meetings held with the representatives of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture and its subordinate institutions such as Agro Credit and Development Agency, Agrarian Science and Innovation Center, Agrarian Procurement and Supply OJSC, State Agricultural Development Centers, Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, Agro Research Center, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and etc. The delegation visited paddy field in Lankaran and got acquainted with the rice cultivation and production procedure. The Korean Delegation highlighted the importance of improvement of rice productivity and value chain for farmers group in Lankaran region.The cooperation with Korea,which has long-term experience in rice production,can open up new prospects for Azerbaijan on the development of this sector.

The KOICA has an exceptional role in the capacity building projectsin agricultural sector in Azerbaijan, which aims to boost provision of high quality food products to the population and make significant contributions to the modernization and sustainable development of the agricultural sector in the country. Currently, the KOICA cooperates with the Azerbaijan Government and shares Korea’s experience in food procurement and supply system, quality control of veterinary preparations and other spheres.



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