Let’s world to know about Karabakh! - (+PHOTO)

Let’s world to know about Karabakh! (+PHOTO)

Hello, my dear friend, how are you?
Hope your lessons are good.
I want to share with you about myself, about my Motherland Azerbaijan and sadness of my
people. And I would like to begin my letter with our great leader, Heyder Eliyev`s phrase. "I
am proud that I am an Azeri."
Let’s world to know about Karabakh!
Karabakh is a wound in my people`s heart. The wound is Khojaly which is 27 years old.
Enemies attacked Khodjaly in a frosty snowy night, when the angels fell down the ground.
These angels came to the ground to share the ache and sadness of my people. All the prayers
were back at that night full of terrible.
White snow turns to red, and night turns to a day. It was as real day, the light from the gun
lights the night of Karabakh. This was the cause of the people's elimination and tears.
The mother’s melody, the babies crying, and the sound of gunfire was mixed at that terrible
night. That night wasn`t calm like other nights, nobody knew the sunrise coming. Only
people who were there could understand the horror of that night. People of my nation still
feel this pain and cry for this event. The worst thing is that even we haven`t seen this horror,
every year we feel the pain and the horror of that night. Our cemeteries were on the land of
Karabakh. We are all in Karabakh. Because our hope is there. Over the history our nation has
always been under attack of the other nations. Azerbaijan, as the most powerful state in the
history, overcame all the difficulties financially, but the pain is still in the eyes of the people.
It is not possible to our country to be fully happy still Karabakh is occupied. The flag of my
country is waving in honor of the blood of people, who sacrificed their life for Motherland,
in honor of the mother`s praying, in honor of the human power, will and strength.
We hope and we are sure that we will liberate our Karabakh because of the strong policy of
President Ilham Aliyev, the successor of our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev. Karabakh is
not only valuable for people who lived there, it is also the diamond of the entire Azerbaijani
people. The beautiful land, Shusa, the Motherland of khari -bulbul, will be returned to us,
and our flag, smelled with the blood of martyrs, will wind in Karabakh.
Karabakh was, is and will be the land of Azerbaijan! We are connected with this land by the
blood of our martyrs.
And I want to send a message to the whole world by the statement of our leader.
Heyder Aliyev said in censorship, “Once I went to swim in the river, and left my clothes on
the bank of the river. Suddenly I saw an Armenian stealing my clothes”. Suddenly an
Armenian in the hall raised up and said : There were no Armenians on that territory at those
times” Heyder Aliyev: “ This is what I want to state, there were no Armenians on the
territory of Azerbaijan at those times, they settled there later by occupying our land”.


Zeynab Allahverdiyeva 5a



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