Special edition of UNEC Expert : Strategic Roadmaps -

Special edition of “UNEC Expert”: “Strategic Roadmaps”

To ensure the public with analytical expert research about the directions and targets of the economic reforms held in the country a special issue of the journal “UNEC Expert” dedicated to Strategic Roadmaps has been published.
To provide the dynamic transition to post- oil period after the oil has lost its role as a driver of economic growth, the appearance of reforms in connection with the development of non- oil sectors and the philosophical essence of reforms are revealed in this edition of the journal. Thus, the “Strategic Roadmaps” were fully covered in the journal by means of expert recordings analyzing all the reforms conducted on the fields and sectors of the national economy.
Innovative development of the national economy, the changing role of the state in the economy, risks of the national financial system, the possible realization of the country’s non- oil export potential and the development trends of agriculture and tourism sector were analyzed and expert advice was placed in the journal. At the same time, a special place has been allocated to the new “golden rule” to use oil revenues. Proposals focused on the implementation of complex and systematic measures to promote Made in Azerbaijan” brand in international markets have been made.
In addition, investigative and analytical articles and experts comments on social houses that reflect economic reforms held in the country and the social orientation of economic policy and development perspectives of small and medium sized enterprises were brought to the attention of readers.
Analyzing export records on the prospects of conversion of Baku to the regional financial center and transport and transit hub with the application of international experience made by UNEC experts will attract a wide range of readers. 

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