In publishing house Springer-Verlaq was published monography of Prof. Dr., Leadinfg Scientific Researcher of Institute of Physics Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Iman Askerzade entitled as ‘Modern aspects of Josephson Dynamics and Superconducivity Electronics’ ( with Dr. Ali Bozbey and Dr. Mehmet Cantürk). Presented book devoted to applied superconductivity and wiil be usefull for graduate students and researchers.
Monography contain five chapters. In first chapter new experimental investigations of properties of Josephson junctions and systems are explored with the help of recent developments in superconductivity. The theory of the Josephson effect is presented taking into account the influence of multiband and anisotropy effects in new superconducting compounds. Anharmonicity effects in current-phase relation on Josephson junctions dynamics are discussed.
Second chapter include recent studies in analogue superconductivity electronics. Presented analysis of superconducting bolometers, balans comparators, DC and AC SQUIDs, taken into account d-wave order parameter and anharmonicity effects in current-phase relation. At the end of this chapter superconducting microwave and multiterminal devices are discussed.
Third chapter deals with dijital superconductivity electronics. Presented dynamics of latching and RSFQ superconducting circuits, new experimental results in this direction analyzed.
Fouth chapter devoted to application of Josephson junctions in quantum computing. The energy spectrum of different types of superconducting quantum bits (phase, charge and flux) are analyzed. Influence of anharmonicity effects in current-phase relation on qubit characteristics is considered. Three Josephson junction flux qubits and readout methods of qubits discussed also.
In last chapter are given investigations of chaotic behaviour of Josephson junctions and systems. Here investigated chaotic state in single and two-junction Josephson sistems, influence of anharmonic and fractal effects. Finally, presented results chaos synchronization between Josephson junctions.

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