Innovation related to payment of subscription fees

Innovation related to payment of subscription fees

Consistent work is carried out in the direction of stimulation of non-cash transactions and restriction of cash transactions with the view of increasing transparency and strengthening financial discipline in the country’s economy, as well as expanding the tax base in accordance with the “Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on non-cash payments” approved by the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Work is also underway in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), which is the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy in accordance with these requirements.

As part of the measures taken to create demand for non-cash payments and reduce the cash economy, the monthly subscription fee for telephone and Internet services will be accepted in the relevant post offices and telecommunication centers by postal operators, as well as online and through payment terminals.

The reason for this is that post offices are authorized to provide banking and financial services in accordance with the relevant law. Initially, the process will cover Baku city, and then other regions of the country. Citizens can pay subscription fees in cash to postal operators in telephone exchanges (ATE) in Baku city or non-cash (in POS-terminals via plastic cards).

Note that all the services of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies will be presented from a single center through the “Shebeke” service centers, which will be launched in the near future. Payments for communications and postal services will be accepted in these centers and self-service terminals will operate. First “Shebeke” service center will be launched in branch post office No. 1 (at Uzeyir Hajibeyov 36).

“Shebeke” service centers are planned to be launched in all regional centers across the country in the future. 

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