A documentary film Fitne about the disturbances of religious radicalism demonstrated at UNEC

A documentary film “Fitne” about the disturbances of religious radicalism demonstrated at UNEC

A documentary film “Firtne” (Provocation) about the disturbances of the religious extremism and radicalism developed by the order of the State Committee for Religious Organizations’ Affairs was demonstrated at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on November 18.
Noting that all the conditions for the development of state- religion relations were created in the country and Azerbaijan is known as a center of tolerance, UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov brought to attention the fact that the foundation of the state- religion relations in Azerbaijan was laid by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. He said historically the representatives of different nationalities live together in our country; they usually respect each other’s languages, religion, traditions and customs and today regardless of religion and ethnicity everyone is governed by the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Rector informed that a series of measures are implemented at UNEC to execute the obligations arising from the order declaring 2016 the “Year of Multiculturalism” by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, as well as promotion of rich multicultural and tolerant traditions of Azerbaijani people, at the same time to combat religious radicalism and extremism. He added the demonstration of the film “Fitne” would be necessary in terms of enlightening young people, strengthening the link between the national and spiritual values.
Chairman of the State Committee for Religious Organizations’ Affairs Mubariz Gurbanli said that today there are radical forces in the world which are use Islam and other religion for different purposes. These radical forces are especially trying to attract young people to their ranks. Stressing the importance of prevention such propaganda, Chairman of the Committee pointed the documentary films to show the effect of reduction in the number of people joining radical groups. He added that the documentaries are one of the means of outreach to protect young people from the influence of radical groups. Considering the film will be very successful in terms of promotion of the fight against religious radicalism a short period of time, the State Committee developed a documentary film covered the religious, psychological, legal, political and moral aspects of the struggle against the extremism. The Chairman of the Committee said that the problem in the example of the people who are the victims of religious radicalism is fully disclosed through the film and it is shown how dangerous is the problem in society and for our government. At the same time, our people’s qualities of unity and tolerance which exist historically in Azerbaijan between the religion and sects and the essence of the state policy implemented in this field are covered in short but clearly.
Speaking about the measures taken in the fight against religious radicalism, M. Gurbanli noted that the numerous seminars, meetings are held in the regions, as well as books and other printed materials are published and distributed due to the problem in our republic.
Providing the youth with his recommendations in this area, the Committee Chairman emphasized the national and moral values, stressed the importance of being connected to the county not to join the extremist religious movements.
The event proceeded with discussions about the film. At the end, Rector A. Muradov introduced N.Badalov a doploma for successfull presentation of the film "Fitne" at UNEC.

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