All the delights of Italian cuisine in the new menu of the Zafferano Restaurant by Chef Federico Parravichini - FOTO

All the delights of Italian cuisine in the new menu of the Zafferano Restaurant by Chef Federico Parravichini FOTO

Italian cuisine is one of the most delicious and exquisite in the world. It is distinguished by a large variety of fresh vegetables; cheeses, so easily used in many dishes; and certainly fragrant olive oil and spices.
To convey all the small nuances of taste of the true Italian cuisine, Zafferano Restaurant’s Chef Federico Parravichini has prepared a new menu where each dish is created by original recipes right from Italy.
"I was born in a small village Giussano, north to Milan. My mother, who was born in Toscana, cooked for the whole family using traditional recipes from her homeland, and I always liked to watch the process and even helped her to cook. I love cooking ever since that time and while creating a new menu for Zafferano, I tried to use all culinary secrets I have learned on that small kitchen of the house I grew up in, "says Chef.
Italian restaurant Zafferano is a little corner of real Italy. Guests can feel a perfect combination of cozy atmosphere and a luxury design. Filled with sunlight during the day and mild, slightly subdued lighting in the evening, the restaurant is a perfect place to spend a nice evening with your loved one or with friends.
The menu has a large selection of different specialties for every taste. Seafood lovers, the true meat eaters or people who prefer vegetarian food - everyone will find his or her perfect dish.
"I have tried to use different cooking techniques for each dish in the menu, the same way it is done in Italy. We use lots of fresh vegetables and greens, play with the promptness of different flavors and we just love adding a "secret ingredients" to our dishes for richer taste. My "secret ingredients" for this seasonal new menu are local vegetables, herbs and incredibly fragrant spices. It was not very hard to add a little touch of a local cuisine to the Italian menu, as both has many similar preferences in cooking techniques and ingredients used in dishes ", shares Chef Federico.

There are no doubts that Zafferano has the best risotto, the most delicious salmon and unbelievably tasty Italian desserts in town. In this wonderfully warm atmosphere of the restaurant, enjoying a delicious new you will feel as if you are really in the sunny and "delicious" Italy.

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