Transparency Azerbaijan arranges closing event of the project "National Integrity System Assessments in European Neighborhood East region" -

Transparency Azerbaijan arranges closing event of the project "National Integrity System Assessments in European Neighborhood East region"

Baku, 29 June 2015 - Transparency Azerbaijan, under the framework of the European Union-funded regional project "National Integrity System Assessment in the ENP East countries", today held a roundtable event to present six months progress report on E-services and e-government development. The main conclusion of the progress report is that several information systems need to be developed by public agencies in order to provide better public services, and exchange of information between existing information systems would also then improve. One of the main reasons that some information systems have not been developed fully or timely is lack of funding. The report recommends cooperation with international donors to remove the funding problem.

The presentation was opened by Rena Safaraliyeva, Executive Director of Transparency Azerbaijan. She gave a brief overview of the overall project and its accomplishments and said that e-services can be qualified as a dynamic sector of the Azerbaijan public administration system. The problems here are related to the lack of adequate funding and human resources. Cooperation between the government of Azerbaijan and international donors to develop information systems and improve potential of the human resources shall be considered.

The floor was taken by Jeroen Willems, Head of Operation Section of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, who commended Transparency Azerbaijan on the project outputs, such as the comprehensive Azerbaijan National Integrity System report and five sectoral papers, including the e-government monitoring report. He said that the EU has been and will support the development of e-governance in Azerbaijan.

İlgar Abdullayev, Head of the State Register Department under Data Processing Center of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies spoke of the work performed by his agency in building the e-government in Azerbaijan, as well as of the future plans. He underlined the importance of integration of the information systems into the e-government portal and exchange of information. Fariz Jafarov, Deputy Director of Department on E-services Development and Social Innovations of the State Agency on Citizens’ Services and Social Innovations under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic touched upon the work performed by his agency in e-services and their assessment. He mentioned that the Agency is finalizing its work to create the registry of all e-services.

Finally, the floor was taken by Mahammad Muradov, coordinator of the National Integrity System Project. He underlined that the monitoring covered all e-services that a person needs during a life time from birth to death. The monitoring revealed that e-registration with kindergartens; online change of the residential registration; searching for a job and assignment of the status of unemployment and unemployment allowance; award of the disability status and allowance; online obtaining of medical death certificate, passport, national ID card or change of driver’s license; and ordering a car plate number online is either undeveloped or non-existent or stuck at the level of information provision. As to development of information systems, data on real estate, land cadastre and health and archive data are not fully digitalized. Along with this, the last 6 months saw the following accomplishments in the development of the e-government in Azerbaijan. Citizens can now obtain several certificates (on residential registration, employment and diploma, on lack of debt for utilities, etc.) that can be downloaded from the e-government portal. Also, the website began to publish some information that is made available to citizens as a part of open government initiative.

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