3D Print Conference. Baku to be held on February 12 in the conference hall of Park Inn Hotel -

3D Print Conference. Baku to be held on February 12 in the conference hall of Park Inn Hotel

Very soon, on February 12, conference on 3D printing will be held in the conference hall of Park Inn Hotel; it will be interesting for those who follow the latest news in innovative technology.
3D Print Conference. Baku is a great opportunity to understand the operating principle of printers, get to know about their usage, and communicate with 3D technology experts.
The conference will also feature demo zone presenting a variety of printers and scanners:
• 3Doodler - everyone interested will have an opportunity to write his name or make a small volume sketch. It all depends on your imagination.
• Jewelry printer, provided by NAZ Group. You will see all stages of creating jewelry in real time mode - from prototyping to printing.
• PICASO 3D Designer - in front of the guests it will print a reduced copy of the Flaming towers.
The exhibition will also present companies specializing in 3D printing and open to long-term cooperation. Our sponsor, 3D Project, that for the second year already holds leading positions at 3D market of Azerbaijan, will be one of the key participants.
Consistent Software Distribution provided us with software for 3D modeling, and high-quality technical support was taken up by Inter-Technics.
Lenincraft, cheerful young team from St. Petersburg, dealing with 3D scanning and printing, will also take part in the show.
We are bringing together speakers from the US, Russia, Turkey and Europe, who are directly involved into 3D printing. From 10 am until the very evening, they will deliver presentations and answer your questions.
At the conference you will learn:
• whether 3D printing is cost-effective;
• the cost of consumables;
• how long it takes to train employees;
• whether introduction of technology in your business is possible;
• prospects of 3D printing market;
• technical limitations in printing that exist today.
The full program of events can be found on website.

Please pay attention! Conference lasts only one day.

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