Exhibition of Aida Mahmudova

Exhibition of Aida Mahmudova

Kichik GalArt Gallery Yarat Contemporary Art Organisation is proud to present a solo show by the young Azerbaijani artist Aida Mahmudova. Under the title Internal Piece the artist presents for the first time in Switzerland her impressive narrative work, which is directly inspired by the Azerbaijani history in relation with the artist’s personal experience and identity, illustrating her considerations in the field of memory and nostalgia.

Aida Mahmudova’s artwork delve into the emotive facets of ‘longing’ – specifically, the longing for the memory of a place, rather than for the place itself. Simultaneously the artist meditates on how memory is tied to the debris of the past. Her paintings and accumulations present history as a collection of mementos, which appear fragmented and partial, and are accessible only through the mediation of personal perceptions and emotional responses. By focusing on an individual perspective within a larger, historical narrative, the compositions redress how history is perceived and memory evolves. The situations Mahmudova depicts are scenes which are remembered. They are an eyewitness account of drastic change and they invite viewers to participate in the experience of remembering.

"My art is a constant and continued investigation of my memory, as it informs my identity. The touchstone of this search and the main source of my inspiration are the forgotten, un-touched, and un-developed locations in Azerbaijan. Our physical world is shifting at a pace so rapid that our memories are frequently blurred, and our ‘remembered’ past is often forgotten or altered by our subconscious. This confuses our identity. These un-modernized locales function as a ‘missing link’. They are a fulcrum that connects the actual past with the remembered past. They are the fabric of my identity – the fiction and the reality, the memory and the present moment, the subconscious and the conscious. Physically experiencing the concrete reality of these sites allows me to re-experience and re-visit the places of my past. These encounters help me to re-capture the past within the present moment. The tangible relics of Azerbaijan’s past are timeless and transient, universal and specific, and they are the fabric I use to give material form to the intangible memories that inform my present identity and my art. (Aida Mahmudova)

Aida’s paintings are composed of muted hues and are shrouded in a hazy mist. The depicted scenes combine real and reminiscent sites from old Baku and the Absheron Peninsula. The accumulations are built from fragments of half-remembered moments of the past era.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 21st September at 19:00 at Kicik Qalart Gallery.
The gallery is open every day from 15:00 till 21:00. The exhibition will run until the 20.10.2013.

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