Azerbaijani youth calls the white house to be attentive towards the petitions -

Azerbaijani youth calls the white house to be attentive towards the petitions

We state that the accusing of some Armenian Diaspora organizations and news sources concerning to the White House online petitions is not anything else, but the extension of anti-Azerbaijan campaign and concealing the realities of illegal occupation of our territories.
Gathering over 100 thousand signatures in less than 2 weeks proved that the issue is important for the Azerbaijani Community both in The United States and at home. It is not surprising that there were not only Azeri people with American citizenship, who signed the petition, other nationalities, living under the citizenship of The USA. This proves that people of different nations recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.
It is normal that all national organizations, including The Heydar Aliyev Foundation called our fellow-citizens, fellow- countrymen residing outside Azerbaijan to be active also in the vote on this petition and show solidarity in a national matter like delivering the truth about Azerbaijan to the world public.
Azerbaijan and the United States enjoy a strong partnership founded on shared interests in global and regional security, energy and economic development, democratic reforms and respect for human rights. Secretary Clinton, during her July 2010 trip to Azerbaijan, stressed that “the bonds between the United States and Azerbaijan are deep, important, and durable.”
Azerbaijan is located in a strategic region at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Middle East. The country is becoming an increasingly important transportation and energy hub along the historic Silk Road, bringing together Western and Asian markets. Azerbaijan is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and is firmly committed to building a self-sufficient, democratic and prosperous society.
We, the youth, state that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is recognized by the world community. This is being proved in a number of documents of UN, European Council, European Parliament, OIC, European Union and many other international organizations. Being an OSCE Minsk Group co-chairman member state, The United States also recognizes the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and The US government must clarify to the Armenian government, that it is necessary to remove the troops from territories of Azerbaijan. This step will provide the returning of IDP's to their own lands and the restoration of peace in the region.

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