Exhibition of Mammad Mustafayev Urban theme

Exhibition of Mammad Mustafayev ”Urban theme”

His delicate sculpture consists of a number of different sized and shaped window frames bound together. The artist was born in Baku and is passionately in love with his native city, he portrays his artistically felt attitude towards the city and those processes that take place and transform its urban atmosphere. The window frames used for this installation are intertwined… The feeling evoked by this composition resembles a feeling that arises when one walks down Icheri Sheher (Inner city), while walking along the narrow streets, one feels the constraint of space and limitations between the houses. The impression arises that the window frames and balconies are literally intertwined and placed one over the other, closely interacting, bringing to life a special aura of a household space and hospitable atmosphere. In this atmosphere these constrains are no longer seen as something negative, on the contrary a warm sympathetic and spiritually close environment.

Historical Background
It is commonly known that the foundation for the Big Baku was laid by the plan of 1878. Among other proposals there was one to demolish Icheri Sheher, however the city authorities later gave up these intentions. The transformation of Baku outlook began with the streets adjoining the «Fortress».
There were other projects to demolish Icheri Sheher and to construct modern roads and buildings on its place. Luckily, the people, determining the city’s fate, have had enough common sense to preserve this unique architectural monument. At that time a dirt road was going along the two-block vallum, so the administration had decided to build a ring-way around the fortress, keeping a 50-60 meters setback they permitted the demolition of the first block of the wall, because it had long lost its functional purpose. The administration also took care of preservation of the second course with its towers and bastions.
Consequently Icheri Sheher was nominally split away from the city.

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