At the Museum of Azerbaijuai Painting of the XX-XXI centuries is taking place Make an Island for Yourself Group Exhibition +PhOTO=44

At the Museum of Azerbaijuai Painting of the XX-XXI centuries is taking place “Make an Island for Yourself” Group Exhibition +PhOTO=44

  At the Museum of Azerbaijuai Painting of the XX-XXI centuries is taking place “Make an Island for Yourself” Group Exhibition

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Make an Island for yourself

Create yourself

Strengthen in solitude

From “Make an Island for Yourself”, a poem by Aydin Efendi, 1991



Yarat Contemporary Art Space is presenting the exhibition project
“Make an Island for Yourself”. Composed from both private and public
collections, the exhibition is held at the Museum of Azerbaijuai
Painting of the XX-XXI centuries and includes works created in the
late 80s- first half of the 90s of the 20th centuries by 21
Azerbaijani artists of different generations. Many of the works are
being presented to the general public for the first time. The curator
off the exhibition is the Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Republic –
Sabina Shikhlinskaya.

The exhibition consist of works by leading Azerbaijani painters Shamo
Abasov, Melik Aghamalov, Kamal Ahmed, Eliyar Alimirzoyev, Museib
Amirov, Irina Eldarova, Eldar Gurban, Sanan Gurbanov, Huseyn
Hagverdiyev, Ujal Hagverdiyev, Rashid Ismayilov, Inna Kostina, Nazim
Rahmanov, Sabina Shikhlinskaya, Teymur Daimi and Mir Nadir Zeynalov.

In the title of the exhibition, we hear the themes of loneliness and
solitude as a spiritual salvation in times of collapse. The lines from
the poem “Make an Island for Yourself”, and the works presented at the
works presented at the exhibition are united echo in the intensity of
both the image ad inner message. This fusion is very characteristic
ad symbolic of the representation of the period to which the
exhibition is dedicated. The concept of the exhibition is based on an
appeal to eternal existential themes – hope and disappointment, war ad
love, death and rebirth.

However, from a historical point of view, the project is about art
during the period of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The themes
addressing the Soviet legacy have been largely exhausted today, having
today, having at some point been in great demand in the world cultural
environment. But still, every new curatorial view, differing
perception of a new generation, a new display of unknown works of that
period may be able to reveal new historical and cultural layers.

The acquisition of state independence by former Soviet republics took
pace in different historical ways. In Azerbaijan, the years after the
collapse of the USS were the years associated with the war that led to
the occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding regions of
the country, which became one of the most tragic pages in Azerbaijani
history. Therefore, this exhibition is largely about memory,
historical heritage and national identity.

After the collapse of the USSR, art turns into an increasingly active
part of life, losing its past aloofness and conventionality. What
happened in Azerbaijan, was, in a way, a breakdown in the dimension.
Time did not go forward; it did not go back – it seemed to have
stopped. The reason for this was not only the war and its consequences
– refugees, economic collapse and political anarchy, but also the
collapse of any hopes a “new’ life that had risen during perestroika.

It was precisely during this period of “timelessness” that artists,
musicians and poets created works of strongest spiritual intensity,
freed from any kind of conjuncture. What is that many of the works of
that period were kept by the artists in their studios since the art
market was not interested in art with such an impulse of tragedy,
rather than sublimity and beauty.

The “Make an Island for Yourself” exhibition consists of three parts,
figuratively reflecting the historical events of the period between
1988 and 1996. The period of “hopes for change and anticipation of an
impending catastrophe”, the period of “the outbreak of tragedy – the
war and its consequences” and the period of “reviving life and rays of
light at the end of the tunnel”.

The art works of the exhibition are presented together with video from
documentary photographs and video chronicles of those years,
reconstructing and visualizing the state and mood of the society of
that period. The video uses the music by the People’s Artist of
Azerbaijan Republic Rafig Babayev, as well as photographs taken in
1988 – 1996 by Haji Akif Agayev, Aliseyran Babayev, Oleg Litvin, Kamal
babayev, Uzeyir Muradov, Rafiq Ngiyev, Khalid Askerov, Shakhvalad
Ayvazov, Alexander Cherkasov, Asim Talib, Farid Mammadov, Jahangir
Ibadov, Agali Mammadov, Tahir Jafarov, Nurahmed Veliyev, Ilgar Jafarov
and others. Artworks on display at this exhibition are from public
collections of the Baku Modern Art Museum, Union of Aerbaijan
Photographers Union.

Projects research : Zahra Mammadova


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