Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) is one of the main pillars of explosive ordnance action aimed at spreading safe behaviorur rules and messages among people living in mine, unexploded ordnance, explosive remnants of war (ERW) and explosive devices affected areas, at the same time ensuring safety of development and rehabilitation projects from the threat of explosive devices.
Our program covers population of 26 districts and towns of the republic, including internally displaced people from occupied territories settled in frontier areas.

In the 2004/2005 academic year, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, ANAMA and UNICEF, which allowed for the integration of the EORE program into school curriculum.

Altogether, 195 training sessions for 3 635 teachers from 1 200 schools in 26 districts have been conducted. Every year, 55 000 students in secondary schools have EORE classes.    Up-to now, 765 000 students in the secondary schools have been targeted.

As a result of all activities carried out within EORE Programme, the number of explosive ordnance/ERW victims has been reduced to a minimum in the recent years.

Between 27 September and 09 November conflict in and around Nagorno-Karabakh turned into the full scale war leaving many unexploded ordnance contaminated areas which can cause death and injury of many civilian population

Starting from September 27, 2020 ANAMA has deployed special mobile emergency teams along the frontline to conduct operational and emergency calls, and EORE Specialists were sent to the regions to ensure safe behavior rules among civil population.

Settlements and planting areas, which have been constantly attacked by Armenian forces, are contaminated with ammunitions, and thats why these areas are considered dangerous terrotories.
In this regard, EORE specialists carry out explosive ordnance awareness-raising activities in all war affected areas in order to increase attention of civil population to various types of military ammunitions. Since the beginning of the fighting, thousands of residents, including children, have been provided with various types of booklets and warning leaflets as part of the explosive ordnance risk education program, as well as small posters on the entrances and windows of public places, offices and government buildings have been pasted.

UNICEF/Azerbaijan was the first organization to support our activities within the awareness program. Warning and educational materials (booklets for adults and children, stickers, notebooks, pens, warning and educational posters and large posters for installation in dangerous areas) prepared and submitted to the Agency, and the Agency in its turn is distributing all the mentioned materaials among the residents of war affected districts and villages and provides quidance and recommendations on safe behaviours to them.

ANAMA once again expresses its deepest gratitude to the UNICEF/Azerbaijan for its support with EORE awareness raising campaign among civil population in the affected areas and stands ready to discuss additional ways to support the affected communities in the longer-term perspective.  The Agency once again addressed to the residents not to touch unknown objects, and immediately call the "102" Call Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, "112" the Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Regional Police Stations as well as the District Executive Powers.

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