Artillery units and a command post of the enemy were destroyed as a result of airstrikes – VIDEO



Destruction of the volunteer groups and military equipment of the Armenian armed forces in the Khojavend and Fizuli directions of the front – VIDEO



Azerbaijan Defense Ministry: "UAVs of Azerbaijan do not conduct a flight over the territory of Armenia"

The information spread by the Armenian side about the alleged shooting down and falling of the UAV of Azerbaijan on the territory of Armenia is false.

We declare that the Azerbaijan’s UAVs do not conduct a flight over the territory of Armenia.




Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense: "We have enough armored vehicles in our arsenal and they are used in accordance with operational situation"


The statements made by the official of Armenian ministry of defense about the alleged loss of a large number of armored vehicles and auto vehicles belonging to the Azerbaijan Army in the fighting indicate that he is completely incognizant of the operational conditions.

The information has nothing to do with reality and is misinformation designed to appease the frightened Armenian society.

It is enough to watch the videos provided by Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense to determine which side destroyed how many military vehicles and how many are left.

Our army has enough armored vehicles to strike the enemy and they are applied in accordance with the decision of the command depending on the terrain, operational situation, various tactical methods and techniques.



Military personnel and armored vehicles of the enemy getting ready for redeployment were destroyed – VIDEO










Another UAV belonging to Armenia was destroyed


Another tactical unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Armenian armed forces, which attempted to fly in the direction of Aghjabedi region, was destroyed by our units on October 23 at about 12:00.



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