Don"t Turn Grey, My Hair! - - Kamran Nazirli (translate)

Don"t Turn Grey, My Hair! - Kamran Nazirli (translate)

The Old Man and the Sea


To Ernest Hemingway"s death

His hairs look like his color,
His voice as well as his rhythm.
The old man made the sea
of which bed was his breast,
waves were his songs.
He sailed knowing no borders,
He sailed the world continents...
Fate stirred up a storm,
Paddle was blown down,
and the boat went down...
But there was a vestige
written on a rocky coast:
"The old man passed away,
There was only the Sea left..."


Farewell, Mountains!


Maybe I"ll never come here again,
Goodbye, mist, farewell, mountain.
Maybe clouds behind me did rain?
Goodbye, shower, farewell, rain!

Squalled eagles disappeared in mist,
Paled narcissus on the dewy grassland.
You, too, black-eyed houri, left behind,
Peep out, goodbye, look after me, farewell!

I came here and was greeted by flowers,
I am leaving now,
waving me grey hayfields.
The winds told my sorrow the rivers:
Grow turbid, goodbye, flow, farewell!

You are a tiger of the mounts,
and a lion as well,
You are a poet of the mounts,
and a poem as well.
You are a wealth, a bread,
and an abundance as well -
Goodbye, shepherd, be safe and sound,


Don"t Turn Grey, My Hair!


Why you begin to grow so early?
Why you were touched with grey?
Did my brain lose its strength?
Don"t turn grey, my hair!

Wishes are endless, life just is half,
Wrinkles increased on my forehead,
Do come to reason a little bit,
Don"t turn grey, my hair!

If I look so sad, enemy will smile,
my friends will grieve, without fail.
Girls passed by will call me "uncle",
Don"t turn grey, my hair!

You are stone-hearted and fake!
You don"t have blood and sense!
I am still young, for conscience's sake,
Don"t turn grey, my hair!

Life goes by too fast, I feel sorry,
My soul is full of dark thoughts.
Nice girls keep apart from me,
Don"t turn grey, my hair!

My voice has not risen high yet,
it has not got power from nation yet.
My heart has not grown old yet,
Don"t turn grey, my hair!

I have an inspiration - a guardian angel.
I am on the way and I must travel.
I"ve still got some unwritten novel...
Don"t turn grey, my hair!
Translated by Kamran Nazirli

The Oak


My beloved, look at that old oak,
Its branch blooms once again,
Do you remember our first meeting -
Two years ago in the early spring?

We stood under that old oak tree,
There were many colorful flowers around.
Not only our hearts were throbbing,
but also the leaves of that oak were shaking.

That old oak has seen a lot of changes,
But it stands there like a memory.
Even as the oak changes its dresses,
Our first love will never change.
Translated by Kamran Nazirli


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