The special edition of the UNEC Expert magazine: Crypto Currency - (+PHOTO)

The special edition of the “UNEC Expert” magazine: “Crypto Currency” (+PHOTO)

This number of the magazine was devoted to the electronic money- the crypto currency which had become the important part of the global economy recently, and caused the great interest of the world community and, as well as our country. 27 UNEC experts analysed the pecularities, mechanisms, economic and legal aspects of the crypto currency market.
In the magazine also was cited for the readers the comments on the economic substance, legal status, exchange rate definition and emission mechanism of “bitcoin”, the most widely discussed leading currency of the electronic market.
In the magazine “UNEC Expert” was described the philosophical essence of blockchain technology and its application forms, development prospects, application of crypto currency in Azerbaijan, threats and benefits of bitcoin and blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange and confidential international money transfer, e-money emission opportunities of universities. The expert reviews analysed the nature of the vitual currency and the intelligent contracts, defining the common and distinctive features, analysed the advantages and disadvantages of this financial instrument and was given their broad classification.
For the first time in the magazine the foreign expert opinion was published , as well. Ruslan Makarov, the prominent Russian expert on digital economy and e-finance, gave the extensive information about the legal regulation of digital economy, the concept of electronic money and its function. The expert pointed to the strong economic development in the different countries within the short period of time after the application of the crypto currency, and spoke about its positive results.

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