Open letter to all European policymakers -

Open letter to all European policymakers

We have recently got acquainted with the Analysis by the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, titled “The Armenian connection: How a Secret Caucus of MPs and NGOs, Since 2012, Created a Network Within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to Hide Violations of International Law” which once more approves that some MPs and NGOs are unfairly targeting Azerbaijan in order to fulfill obligations ordered by Armenia.


Armenia is a country which occupied and keeps under control around 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories. Civilized Europe usually is fair towards such kind of issues. But as we learn from the Analysis not all the Europeans are fair.


Analysis says that in 2012 Armenians managed to initiate a network to defend their interests and target Azerbaijan. The following persons joined or support the activities of the network: Chrisophe Strässer, Gerald Knaus, Milena Gabanelli, Pieter Omtzigt, Frank Schwabe, René Rouquet, François Rochebloine. All these actors are unfair towards Azerbaijan and sympathize Armenia. They openly support Armenian aggression and occupation of Azerbaijani territories including Nagorno-Karabakh.


So I just would like to draw your attention to the issue of European values. As you know my country is a young democracy which needs to learn from experienced European countries and institutions. But unfortunately we see double standards and unfair approach towards Azerbaijan from some European political actors. This creates disbelief among the people of my country. We – the representatives of NGOs, who work for closer integration to Europe, are disarmed totally while seeing such an approach.


So we would like to call on all international NGOs and political actors not to be a tool on the hands of those who is interested unfairly discredit one side of a conflict for the favor of another side. That side, whose unfair and aggressive attitude is very obvious.


I agree with the outcomes of the Analysis and would like to recall them here in order to disseminate widely. Hope, those policymakers and decision makers will take into consideration the following concerns.


Passage from the Analysis:

“Since 2012, we have witnessed the creation of a shady network within the Council of Europe that endlessly conspires against the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The network’s tactic has been to multiply defamatory attacks and slander, risking (or willing) to destabilize Azerbaijan with the end goal of dissimulating the illegal occupation of the Nagorno-Karabakh region by the Republic of Armenia.

These dangerous politics that associate MPs and larges NGOs must immediately stop.

How can the Council of Europe accept the existence within it of a network that colludes to conceal the illegality of an occupation condemned by the UN Security Council?

What is taking place now goes beyond Azerbaijan and Armenia’s interests. It is the credibility and foundation of the Council of Europe that are threatened by this pro-Armenian network’s activity”.


Can I add anything? No need. Because everything is very clearly expressed in this outcome. Hope to hear back from those who really are Europeans and faithful to European fairness and other basic values.


With regards,


Mr. Azer Hasret
Chairman, CASCFEN
Central Asian & Southern Caucasian Freedom of Expression Network


Source: The Armenian connection: How a Secret Caucus of MPs and NGOs, Since 2012, Created a Network Within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to Hide Violations of International Law 

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