THE APPEAL of the participants of the 8th International Ataturk Congress to the international community -

THE APPEAL of the participants of the 8th International Ataturk Congress to the international community

The 8th International Ataturk Congress held on October 13-15, 2015 in the city of Ganja (Republic of Azerbaijan) by Ataturk Research Center of the Republic of Turkey and A.A.Bakikhanov Institute of History of the ANAS is a significant event in the scientific life of the world. The scholars-historians from Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Russian Federation, India, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy and other countries discussed the pressing questions in the XIX-XX centuries’ history of the Caucasus and neighboring countries.
The results of the Congress confirm that the foundation of bloody conflicts of the modern world was laid during the political shocks of the XIX-XX centuries. This is particularly observed in modern history of the South Caucasus and the entire Turkish-Muslim world. The Caucasus, nations of which were repeatedly subjected to genocide and deportations, as a whole, can be regarded as a bright example of how the blatant intervention of powerful world centers negatively impacts on the processes in the region. An example of this is the policy of genocide implemented against the Azerbaijani people by Armenian nationalism and encouraged by certain international circles, and the deportation of Azerbaijanis from their native lands - Iravan and Zangazur. The brutal ethnic cleansing committed by the Armenian armed forces in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan has led to the change in the ethno-political and demographic situation of the region.
At a time when the great powers, often following their centuries-old hegemonic politics, again hold the Near and Middle East and the Caucasus at gunpoint, the scholars of the region countries consider it necessary to state that at present there is a very serious, worrying situation, similar to the one that took place a century ago. This situation threatens global peace and security and is fraught with large-scale military conflict. In this regard, the policy of the states creating a situation of “managed chaos” and seeking to master the resources of the region is particularly dangerous. External encroachment on the sovereignty of independent states leads to outrageous breach of limits in international relations and create a real threat to the stability of the Caucasus and adjacent territories. External forces of the region organize and encourage destructive elements in countries rich in natural resources, violating law and order, and supporting terrorism, extremism and separatism in the sovereign states. Thus, the international law is neglected on the world; it gets the upper hand not the force of law, but the law of force.
We, scientists, believe that the major centers of power, the perpetrators of unresolved pressing issues in global scale should abandon the policy of destruction leading to the fall of states and deaths of civilians. Scientists as the progressive part of society call for the condemnation of the policy of “managed chaos”, double standards from the part of influential powers, as well as the UN and the other international organizations. Strong foundations of the world order should not be violated. All the resolutions of the UN, adopted in accordance with norms of the international law must be equally implemented, but not meet the demands of certain world powers.
Sustainable development of any country is impossible without stability, peace and security. Azerbaijanis and other Turkic-Muslim peoples of the Caucasus have repeatedly experienced this indisputable truth on their own destiny. Azerbaijan is still suffering from the artificially created Garabagh (Karabakh) conflict that caused the death of tens of thousands of innocent people, including the Khojaly genocide. Just therefore, as the participants of the Congress consider, the Azerbaijani state attaches great importance to peace and prevention of armed conflicts. They welcome the peaceful efforts of the Azerbaijani leadership, President Ilham Aliyev, aimed at ensuring stability in the region.
Today, when more than one million Azerbaijanis were driven out from the occupied Azerbaijani territories of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent districts, countries of the region and the international community should make every effort not only to prevent conflicts emerging now, but also to solve the existing acute problems of security.
The destructive imperial policy is increasingly being used against Turkey. We observe evident attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the country, to destabilize the situation and to shake the foundations of the Turkish state. The Congress participants strongly condemn the organizers of terrorist acts, and call all the citizens of the Republic of Turkey to unity. The stability of Turkey is an important condition for stability in the region.
The escalation of conflict in the Near East, today, has caused a powerful wave of migration to Europe. In the countries of the European Union have strengthened the nationalist and anti-Islamic sentiments, raised its head fascism and racism, and is growing xenophobia and religious discrimination. In such circumstances, the European Union prefers the implementation of a policy of double standards leading to a further increase of conflicts in different regions of the planet. The recent anti-Azerbaijani resolution of the European Parliament is a good example to such an unjust policy aimed against the interests of the sovereign countries, implementing an independent course in the world.
We - the participants of the 8th International Ataturk Congress believe that only the justice, law and stability can ensure global security. Only following the principles and norms of the international law precisely, it is possible to suppress the crime of terrorists, extremists and separatists, to lay the foundation of the modern world order on the equality of states and nations, their peaceful coexistence, to put an end to arbitrariness of the global centers of power pursuing their own selfish interests.
The participants of the Congress call to implement the resolutions of UN Security Council. The implementation of the four UN resolutions on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict providing for an unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan is of particular importance for security in the Caucasus.
In the current difficult situation, not only politicians, but also men of science and culture have to do all their best for development of the constructive dialogue of the countries and peoples, for the prevention of any manifestations of ethnic and religious hatred, for the sake of preventing terrorism and settlement of armed conflicts. The absolute priority for the historical rights of the people, their national and religious feelings and beliefs, as well as traditional values and moral ideals must be respect. In this context, it should be noted the valuable historical experience of Azerbaijan as an example of the policy of multiculturalism and tolerance, based on centuries-old traditions, cultural and moral values of the people.
We, the participants of the 8th International Ataturk Congress, hope that our appeal will not remain without attention of the world and the scientific community.
The participants of the 8th International Ataturk Congress
Ganja, 15 October 2015

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