Exposition of Leyla Aliyeva -

Exposition of Leyla Aliyeva

Exposition of Leyla Aliyeva named "Brain" will take place in project frames "012 Baku Public Art Festival", organized by YARAT non-profit organization!. It will take place on the area in front of the Maiden Tower from May 11 till May 17. Opening will take place on May 11 at 19:00. Leyla Aliyeva is vice-president of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, and she seriously is engaged in art.

From the perspective of logic this sculptural piece called «Brain» is extremely paradoxical and thus hyper-symbolic: this unconventional sculpture, created and painted by the artist, represents a three dimensional figurative «image» of a heart and not a brain… The artist calls the real heart the brain, thus intensifying our perception each time it faces any controversy or paradox. The very essence of this work is consciously changing a name to another and thus creating a logical and semantic controversy. In this particular case the issue dates back to ancient spiritual teachings where the heart which possesses inner wisdom, opposes the brain as a solely rational element that is separated from reality and portrays the brain as a lifeless organ. According to these teachings the brain analyzes, dismembers and dissects the whole into parts in order to examine the details while the heart intuitively grasps the essence, combines all the pieces into one and transcends all differences. These ancient teachings contain such a term as integral mind that represents a powerful mental field that combines ardent wisdom of the heart with the cold rationality of the Brain. There is a saying: “Brain descents to the heart” which is the exact moment of enlightenment for a man of faith ...
During the reign of the Shirvanshahs Baku city flourished and gained fame as one of the most beautiful and amazing cities in the region which can be identified as the heart, it has also become an active center of intellectual activities that also be denoted as the brain.
Thus within this creation «Brain» we are dealing with the symbol of a superior spiritual synthesis…visualized in the shape of the physical heart it is the nothing but the symbol of Baku itself…

Historical Background

The most ancient Azerbaijani government called Manna was established in IX century B.C. on the shores of Urmia Lake. The capital of this Southern-Azerbaijani state was Izirtu city. Foundation of Manna considered to be a start of a long historic journey. Atropatena state which was founded in 321 B.C. played important part in the history of Azerbaijan. With its capital in Ghazaka city Atropatena existed on the territory of Azerbaijan till VII century. After Sasanian Iran was conquered by Arabian Caliphate, Atropatena's territory was included into Caliphate as Vilayet of Azerbaijan. After the Arabian Caliphate had lost its political power over conquered territories a series of independent feudal states were formed. One of them was the state of Shirvanshah-Mazyad (861) with its capital in Shamakhi, situated on the territory of current Azerbaijan. In 1192 as a result of a destructive earthquake, that took place in Shamakhi, Shirvanshah Ahsitan I Derbendi decided to pass the status of an official residence on to Baku city. The era of reign of Derbendi dynasty (1382-1538) considered to be the heyday of the Shirvanshah state. By virtue to Shirvanshahs the tradition of its statesmanship has stayed uninterrupted for 1000 years starting from VI century A.D. till the XVI century A.D. During the reign of Shirvanshah Ahsitan I Derbendi’s son Khalilullah I the city of Baku was substantially improved and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs memorial complex was constructed with its numerous buildings, fascinating with delicate forms and intricate décor (intagliated carpet ornament of Divankhana). He also provided Icheri Sheher with spring water streaming from the nearest mountains and conducted construction of numerous Caravanserais. During the segregation era among Azerbaijani khanates of XVIII century there was Baku khanate with its capital in Baku, founded by Mirza Muhammed I in 1748.

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