Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant was put into operation after major overhaul - + PHOTO= 36

Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant was put into operation after major overhaul + PHOTO= 36

The 330 and 500 kilovolt open distribution facilities, 8 power units, the Control and Dispatch Center, the main and auxiliary areas of the station, buildings and facilities of the Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant were put into operation on June 25 after major reconstruction.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the event.

It should be noted that the first power unit of the "Azerbaijan" Thermal Power Plant, the construction of which began in 1974 on the initiative of great leader Heydar Aliyev, was commissioned on October 20, 1981, and the last - the 8th unit in 1990. Azerbaijan TPP, which was a huge infrastructure project for its time and was of special importance in the energy system of the republic, has always maintained its leading position in meeting the country's electricity needs. However, as a result of the accident at the station on July 3, 2018, more than half of the country remained in darkness. As a result of the accident at the current transformer at the 330-kilovolt s / s, about a thousand kilograms of oil leaked into the environment, as well as electrical equipment passing nearby, as well as cables, mainly on information and automation cables, causing a large fire. As a result, a series of accidents caused serious damage to the country's energy system.

As a result of the research, it was found that the impact systems and refrigerators in the generators at the station are outdated and completely unusable. The windshields on the boilers collapsed, the boiler equipment was worn out and out of order. Regenerative air heaters, gas lines, compensators and other devices have fallen into disrepair due to long-term operation. The chimneys and structures of the station were also worn out, and the uninterrupted power supply was almost non-existent. The structure, roof and floor of the engine room were destroyed. The chemical water treatment plant was very old, and the nitrogen and oxygen plants, reagents, and oil facilities had more than doubled their service life. The hydrogen plant was dangerous because of its long-term operation. Even the slopes of the outlet water canal passing through the station area of ​​the Upper Karabakh canal were destroyed. The equipment and security systems of 330 and 500 kilovolt s / s had reached the end of their life. This raised the probability of a system crash to the highest level.

President Ilham Aliyev toured the station by electric car.

Informing the head of state about the conditions created at the station, Baba Rzayev, President of Azerenergy Open Joint-Stock Company, said that technical water supply of power units is provided through the Upper Karabakh canal. The slopes and bottom of the canal have been restored with concrete pavements, and the supports under the circulating water lines have been overhauled. New fuel oil tanks, circulating and fuel oil pumps have been installed in the area. The gas reception points of the station have also been overhauled.

Within the framework of the two-year program, construction and restoration work on all parameters of the largest thermal power plant in the South Caucasus was carried out rapidly. The main attention is also paid to the reconstruction of 8 units of the Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant, each of which has the status of a separate power plant. Insulation works have been carried out to protect the blocks from natural impacts and, most importantly, to reduce losses. As part of the reconstruction program, unusable metal structures were renewed, internal elements of regenerative air heaters, which affected the load limit, were replaced, damaged impellers in turbine installations, hydrogen and oil heat exchangers were renewed. The chemical workshop has been reconstructed on the basis of modern anti-osmosis water treatment technology, reagent economy has been renewed,

It was noted that the power units were replaced with broken electric motor and pumping equipment, elevators required for operation and maintenance, elements of heavy-duty cranes and mechanisms, high-voltage current tires, power and control cables. Block and special consumption transformers were also repaired.

It was noted that in 2018, 330 and 500 kilovolt substations, which were the source of system failures, were reconstructed. All expired and explosive air switches have been replaced with circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers with modern equipment. New office buildings have been built for each of the substations.

Now the activity of "Azerbaijan" TPP is carried out from the newly built administrative building. There is a large assembly hall for various events. All processes are controlled by a newly installed giant monitor.

A video on the management of the station was shown here.

Then the head of state launched the Azerbaijan Thermal Power Plant.

President Ilham Aliyev was informed about the project of the new Gobu Power Plant to be built.

The head of state visited the monument to great leader Heydar Aliyev.

President Ilham Aliyev made a speech.


It should be noted that the power supply to the country did not stop for a minute during the reconstruction of the station. All work was done in parallel. Special attention was paid to ensuring fire safety.

Azerbaijan TPP meets 40% of the country's electricity needs. The electricity generated at the station is transmitted to the power system of the republic through 330 and 500 kilovolt power lines.

After the reconstruction, the plant's installed capacity was increased to 2,400 MW and 600 MW of lost power was restored. Thus, the reliability of the Azerbaijan TPP has increased, and its stability, safety and efficiency have been ensured.

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