"Santa Claus in the remote villages"... - +PHOTO (AZpress.AZ, Agdes Baghirzade)

"Santa Claus in the remote villages"... +PHOTO (AZpress.AZ, Agdes Baghirzade)

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is pleased to announce the De/Construction event "Santa Claus in the remote villages" at ARTIM Project Space. During the event Camping Azerbaijan informed guests about the project and also showed photo exhibition.

Curator: Eldar Akbarov
Speakers: Elvin Mammadsoy, Tural Omarov (Camping Azerbaijan)
Photographers: Zaur Mirzayev, Elshan Baba, Eldar Akbarov

The team of Camping Azerbaijan already climbes for the fourth year to the remote areas of northern Azerbaijan, including Guba and Gusar mountain villages, in favor of their Santa Claus project. Beforehand, they collect gifts, toys and games for the children and hand them over dressed up in Santa Claus costumes. The last trip has been documented by Zaur Mirzayev, Elshan Baba and Eldar Akbarov. They captured the colorful, magical moments of joy, excitement and friendship embedded in front of the picturesque mountain landscapes. The event consists of a conversation with the operators of Camping Azerbaijan, informed about their social projects and a presentation of the photo documentation of this year’s Santa Claus Project.

Camping Azerbaijan is an eco-tour agency organizing weekend trips and private tours to the remotest villages, nature areas, high mountainous areas and peaks of the Caucasus. We understand the responsibility of the eco-tourism brand and do our best to follow eco-tourism principles. Company was established in 2014.

"De/Construction" is a series of events that takes place during the de/installation period at ARTIM. It provides a platform for critical discussion, brainstorming and exchange for young creative people to share and reflect on their body of work with a broader audience.  

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