Curatorial project "Through time"... - +PHOTO (AZpress.AZ, Agdes Baghirzade)

Curatorial project "Through time"... +PHOTO (AZpress.AZ, Agdes Baghirzade)

Konul Rafieva's curatorial project "Through time" is a lyrical digression mixed with the story of the image strong Azerbaijani women, whose vivid images still serve as a source of inspiration for the creative persons of the country underlines the special role of women in the life of society and in the cultural and literary heritage of the country through the visual image of traditional Azerbaijani women and serve to the reconstruction of traditional famous literary evenings with the participation of such poets as Khurshudbanu Natavan, Heyran Khanum, who devoted their poems to such famous poets of the country and the first poetess of Azerbaijan, Mahsati Ganjavi, reading and quoting citations from poems and works not only from the works of the above-mentioned poets, also contemporary authors and artists. Mixing exquisite poetry with 20 bright portraits of Azerbaijani girls in national historical dress in the interpretation of Rustam Huseynov, K. Rafiyeva create a time machine between the historical past and the present. The woman's clothes is a storytelling about her belonging and the world, and the journey through the works of the poet will reveal the depth and brightness of not only the appearance of the Azerbaijani woman, but also her rich inner world, thus creating a bridge between the external and internal appearance of a woman.
Situated in transit of the West and the East, Azerbaijan has always been influenced by western culture while playing an important role in the formation of the same culture. K. Rafieva set out to show the universal language of literature, which unites the past and the present, the past and the modern as like as the parallel spaces. In the frame of "Through time" will projected Denise Winter’s video installation "Fuge_gefaltet17" , which is a score of fragmented speech performed by a speaking choir, accompanied by an immersive slideshow of icebergs.
The process of reconstruction of traditional images of historical eras is an important stage in the preservation of national cultural heritage and recognition in the mass consciousness of the national image, lost public memory and known only to a very narrow circle of specialists. The creators of the project aimed to show the national identity through the traditional dresses of the Azerbaijani woman, which for centuries was a reflection of the Azerbaijani people’s culture, became the expression of the mentality of the people and could tell a lot about local traditions and customs, raise issues of preservation of national identity, values and elements of heritage against the background of globalization and at the time of loss of consciousness of the mass through literary reflections and poetry of the same woman, revival of traditional female image in mass consciousness, demonstration of evolution of female "portrait" through time space and its reflection in modern context.  

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