The implementation of the Strategic Plan is ensured at UNEC -

The implementation of the “Strategic Plan” is ensured at UNEC

A business meeting to ensure the implementation of the “Strategic Plan (for 2017- 2020 years) of the Ministry of Education on the execution of the events planned in the Strategic Roadmap on the National Economy and the main sectors of the economy” approved by the Minister of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been held at UNEC.

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov said that the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev approved the strategic roadmap on the National Economy and main sectors of economy. Accordingly, the Ministry of Education approved the Strategic Plan by defining the tasks set forth before the higher education institutions. According to the decree, to make timely and quality performance of the events planned in the strategic roadmap on the National Economy and the major sectors of the economy and the Strategic Plan of UNEC has also been developed.

Rector said the serious activity is observed at the university after the approval of the strategic roadmaps. An expert group of 48 UNEC Professors and scholars demonstrate operative attitude to the economic processes happened in the country. A.Muradov brought to attention that the directions of education, research and innovation covered by the strategic roadmap are made the priority fields at UNEC and the strategic plan intends the application of novelties in this direction. To increase the stimulation in the field of scientific research the Differential Salary System will be improved. However, the teachers’ scientific research will be the major factor in defining their ranking. At the same time, one more commission will be created so that, the commission will consider complaints on assessment. To ensure the transparency, the decisions made by the commission will be placed in the official site of UNEC and the meetings will be lively broadcast via Facebook.

Commenting on the creation of the Innovative Business Incubator for the first time in the country, Rector especially stressed the significance of the Project “Made in Azerbaijan”. He said that the “Start-up Day” will be held at UNEC from the new academic year. Regular meetings, trainings, round- tables and workshops will be held to improve the financial literacy of entrepreneurs.
Rector A.Muradov instructed the relevant structural units on the execution of the measures come from the strategic plan. 


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