UNEC Staff in Lalatepe -

UNEC Staff in Lalatepe

UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov and the teaching and student staffs of the university travelled to the town of Horadiz and Lalatepe height on the occasion of the victory gained last year within the April battles.
Visiting the National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s monument in Horadiz, UNEC staff laid a wreath at the statue within the trip organized by the Ministry of Defense and Executive Power of Horadiz Region. After they left Heydar Aliyev park, they joined triumphal march which took place until the memorial “Monument to April Martyrs” constructed on the edge of Horadiz- Jabrayil road.
After the triumphal march, together with Unit Commander, Major- General Mais Barkhudarov, Honored Art figure, Colonel Abdulla Gurbani, Member of Parliament, Head of UNEC Department of “Price and Pricing” Kahnhuseyn Kazimi UNEC staff went to the strategically important Lalatepe height which was liberated from the occupation of the Armenian armed forces.
Major- General Mais Barkhudarov expressed proud for Azerbaijani Army within the meeting with soldiers and officers: “April battles proved once again that our army is eager to prevent all the provocations of the enemy decisively. It is in defense of our lands, people and it is ready to release our occupied territories as soon as possible by the Supreme Commander’s order”.
Pointing out the UNEC staff is the first that visited Lalatepe, Major- General appreciated the initiative highly: “I know this is not UNEC staff’s first visit to frontline. We follow from the media that UNEC regularly implements successful projects for the young people’s growth in patriotic spirit”.
UNEC Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov expressed with pride that the year 2016 is included to our history as the first year of victory gained by Azerbaijan Army after many years. As a response to the provocations of the Armenian armed forces, Azerbaijan soldier gave adequate response to enemy by counter- attacks at the beginning of the month of April. The victory gained in April fights became possible through the Azerbaijan President, Mr. Ilham Aliyev’s farsighted diplomacy, successful domestic and foreign policy, military skills, professionalism of soldiers and officers of Armed Forces covered by the Supreme Commander’s constant attention, moral and psychological readiness, fighting spirit, patriotism and a monolithic unity of people with the army.
Rector Adalat Muradov spoke about the frequent trips made by UNEC’s academic staff and students to the frontline with support of the Ministry of Defense and their meetings with the liberators of our lands; he expressed readiness of UNEC staff for Supreme Commander’s order for the liberation of our lands.
Colonel Abdulla Gurbani and Member of Parliament Khanhuseyn Kazimi spoke about the heroism Azerbaijan army, courage demonstrated by our troops within the battles. Highlighting the significance of the victory gained in April over the enemy, they expressed confidence that our people would achieve greater victories.
UNEC student, the participant of April battles shared his memories of the incident: “I got severe shrapnel wounds on my chest, however, did not leave the trench. I am proud that took part in such important operation and I have got my own portion of victory. I fulfilled my duty decently within the operation”.
Martyr Giyas Guliyev’s brother who was killed in Tapgaragoyunlu province of Goranboy region, UNEC’s teacher Ibrahim Guliyev also spoke about his brother. He talked about his fearlessness, patriotism and expressed pride of his brother.
UNEC staff’s congratulation was addressed to soldiers and officers after the speeches were made. They were introduced gifts on behalf of university personnel. 

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