STATEMENT of Yagub Mahmudov -

STATEMENT of Yagub Mahmudov

After that the director of the Institute of History of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), MP Yagub Mahmudov uttered the idea at a meeting of the Presidium of ANAS that “the history of Derbend, Borchali should be studied again” in the Armenian press was launched a campaign against the Azerbaijani historian.
Various Armenian mass media spread the information saying that, the Institute of History of ANAS makes territorial claims against Russia and Georgia. In so doing the Armenians make insults, posting on their websites sheep image next to the name of the Institute of History of ANAS.
Yagub Mahmudov stated: “Against the background of the name of the Institute of History the Armenians have placed the image of sheep. This confirms that the Armenians are not engaged in science. Instead of to accept the historical facts, they are exposing these pictures and show the low level of their science and culture.
At a meeting of the Presidium of ANAS, I spoke about the actual problems of Azerbaijan history and, in particular, I have repeatedly emphasized that Azerbaijani state admits the internationally recognized territories of other states. And the Azerbaijani nation is the owner of its internationally recognized territory.
Every nation has its own history. Azerbaijanis as a nation have settled in different areas. In particular, they historically live in the Russian Federation - in Derbend and its surroundings, in Georgia – in Borchali region. Russia is our northern neighbor and we do not have any territorial claims against this state. And we do not have any territorial claims against Georgia. However, Armenians are trying to drive a wedge in our relationship with Russia and Georgia. In Russia, live many Azerbaijanis, therefore, it is natural that when writing the history of our people we talk about our scientists, poets, doctors living in this country. Unlike Armenians, we have - a great nation, we are 60 million, and our compatriots live in many countries, giving the world many prominent and influential personalities. For example, the world science luminary Lotfi Zadeh lives in the United States, so we enter his name in our history. No matter in which country of the world Azerbaijanis lived, we will write their history.
However, the country under the name of Armenia has never existed in history. Armenians deny the fact that Armenian state was created on ancient Azerbaijani lands – on the territory of the former Iravan khanate. And these lands never belonged to Armenians. Historically, these lands have always been ours. The essence of my speech at the meeting of the Presidium of ANAS was the fact that we, as the people of Azerbaijan, not making territorial claims to anybody, should study our history.
The Armenian falsifiers, seeking to sow discord in the relations of Azerbaijan with Russia and Georgia, have resorted to the lies traditional for them. Armenian historians and ruling circles are well aware of the fact that the Armenians were moved to our lands. Until the 1827-1828 years Armenians did not live in the South Caucasus. They were resettled on the territory of Iravan khanate by the Russian Empire. On May 29, 1918 under strong external pressure, Azerbaijan was forced to cede Iravan and the surrounding lands- an area of 9000 square kilometers to Armenians. We granted Armenians the opportunity to self-determination on our own territory, recognized them this right, which allowed them to establish their own state.
So let Armenian historians leave the epithet “sheep” for themselves. And let them objectively examine the history, then they will be obliged to recognize the fact that up to May 29, 1918 in this area has never existed Armenian state. Armenians created their state in our lands, in the territory of Iravan khanate. Let them answer me, we gave them an area of 9000 square kilometers, our ancient city of Iravan, then what are they doing now in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan - in Garabagh? Armenian troops must get out of Garabagh. At one time we gave the Armenians 9000 square kilometers of our territory, after which they seized Zangazur as well. Therefore I, as director of the Institute of History demand from them to clear off from the occupied Azerbaijani lands, and to abandon their attempts to falsify history.
We have written the history of Iravan, Nakhchivan and Garabagh. If they can, let them refute at least one fact. But they will not be able to do this.
Armenians have no right to lay claim to any territory. In ancient times they lived on the Balkan Peninsula. Over the centuries they lived in those or other foreign lands, and now, after they have created for themselves a state in the Azerbaijani territory, they want to seize other our lands.
Today the Armenians put forward territorial claims to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey. Everywhere they stir up trouble. But Armenian historians should deal with education of its people. At one time we sheltered Armenians in our lands; they lived at our expense, making millions for them, and so let them now to become more sensible, to go on the right path, to restore normal relations with the Azerbaijani people, the Turkic world. But unfortunately, instead of it they are busy with slander and provocation. We have always helped them, and shared a crust of bread with them, but they chose to unite with certain external forces against the Azerbaijani people.
I repeat again, the Armenians should try to improve relations with the Azerbaijani people, to abandon claims to Garabagh, to remove their troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, to stop demanding the land from Turkey and Georgia. Only then we will be able to accept friendship from them”.

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